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The Center of Research and Education Computing Software (CRECS) consists of several interdependent Java projects with total size more than 100,000 lines (TLOC). Most of the projects are not final applications but flexible frameworks. All the frameworks are aimed at the same goal (the main but not the only goal): they help developers of computational and other research software to focus on algorithmic complexity and not to waste their time for routine works at user interface creation (ALES project), at program data management (ADAM project) and even at basic math algorithms implementation (ANum project). 

For example, in ANum project, algorithms of solving algebraic and differential equations (AMathSys framework) or algorithms of multi-criteria ranking (ADSM framework) are extremely extensible so that a new algorithm can be implemented by writing several dozens lines of code (about 10% from the total code used during solution process). Final applications from the educational NumLabs project are good examples of the efficiency of the frameworks used there: about 85 percent of total NumLabs code is reusable i.e. is imported from the frameworks (this percentage is very high despite very complicated mathematical algorithms implemented in NumLabs itself).

Among other important goals achieved in ANum project we should mention solving mathematical problems with uncertain (fuzzy) numbers by the same algorithmic code as used with ordinary “crisp” numbers).

Now software from CRECS can be useful at least for universities (teaching applied mathematics or teaching development of computational programs) and for researchers from various domains (they can use mathematical libraries “as is” or by writing derived algorithms, and they can rapidly develop user interfaces for their own computational applications).

There are also some other projects to be published on CRECS in the future. They are frameworks aimed at development of database-oriented applications (AXIS project) as well as specific intellectual information systems based on those frameworks.

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